Day: December 11, 2012

Cold-Shoulder Top

They go by several different names… cut out shoulder tops, open sleeve tops, open shoulder tops, and the most popular choice, cold shoulder tops; but ultimately, all these names lead back to the same design – a long/short sleeved top that has the shoulders cut out and exposed. They can be bought or easily made in DIY projects and can be worn to give different styles for different occasions.

P&H Boutique Shop ‘n Mingle

As hectic as the last two weeks were, I made sure I went to P&H Boutiques Shop & Mingle the other night…   My friend Kgomotso and I…    I have to admit, I did a lot more mingling than shopping… *cant watch face* I know, I know… but there was a rather interesting mix of people and I was particularly happy that my newhair do (which was pretty daring move for me) was a hit! J   Grand entrance… soooo purrrty (” ,) Shop ’til ya drop!  Collar Detail #TrendAlert   …i loved her leather peplum… Seeing stars… Heel-less wedges from Castello’s  Over ‘n Out!