Month: January 2013

Pointy-toe Heels

Classic pointy-toe heels have been making a statement in fashion for ages now, and they are having a moment again. While we were used to seeing the style in a range of colors, it can now be spotted everywhere in numerous textures, with interesting detaing like studs, metal tips, printed, etc. SHOP HERE

Fashion Resolutions

Ok, so its well into january and with the summer sales coming to an end, I was making my list of winter necessities, when I thought it would be fun to share my list of my fashion resolutions… Invest in classic pieces Now its in, now its not… pretty much how it goes every season, but i want to work on collecting certain peices that will see me through more seasons to come and still look hot! Wear more colour There are a number of colours i generally stay away from, like red, not for any particular reason, im just not in love with those colours, and i feel that limits my colour palettes especially in winter, so i want to ad more winter colours to my wardrobe. Accessorize more  I’ve haven’t ever really been big on accessories, except for eyewear of course, but i want to start collecting interesting accessories, more earrings, more bracelets, more neck peices… afterall, you know what they say “more is more”! Take more style risks I’m more daring to try trends in summer, …

Galaxy Print

An interesting print for this winter is the galaxy print that’s sprawled all over dresses, skirts, shoes, leggings, jackets, you name it… I must say, it has me all starry eyed! “>     #NailArt

Pencil Skirt

I think its safe to say that most of us have snapped out of holiday mode and its back to work and back to realty! I dont know about you, but I’m still struggling to get myself up out of bed to do my lil morning workout (apart of my 2013 healthier living plan), but once you’re out its smooth sailing from there… so why not make this transition easier, by getting all girlie and what better way to do that, than with a figure flattering pencil skirt, that allows you to feel fabulous and can be paired with a limitless list of other items. An old favourite of mine that saw a revival of note this summer, and I must say I am over the moon to see them in so many different fabrics, textures, colours and prints. Butterfly/Mirror Prints  Pop of Colour  Longer Length This item can easily be paired with multiple tops, blazers, belts, heels and pair it with a chuncky sweaters  as we go into winter and you can easily wear …


I’m officially back from a lovely break, with lotsa pics, vidz and memories of the time spent with friends, family and loved ones that will have me chuckling for a while to come! I hope all of you made it safely back from where ever you went and are well rested and ready to put it into 1st gear and get this year started…      I must say, I missed blogging and have shared some of my holiday pics on my tumblr page. I have a great feeling about 2013 and I wish you all the very best going forward… please feel free to give me feedback and suggestions on my blog, I feel its definately time we all get to know each other better.   Off we go, down the path of discovering 2013!   (^^ ,)   #happy