Month: April 2013


  I missed last months edition of The WKND Social’smonthly brunch and I didnt want to miss this one…  and as per usual the tickets for the brunch sold out quicker than you could ask “what’s the WKND social”… cause if you dont know by know *side-eye* #nuffsaid lol!     This is edition marks the last shindig for the season, bidding farewell to summer with their final rooftop picnic & dayparty that will not move to the Puma Social Club as it normally does, but instead stay at the same venue for us to dance the evening away whilst the sun sets and the stars come out. Of course I will give feedback on the event, so check back on monday to see all that was worn & wonderful at #theWKNDsocial   Check out the post from the last one i went to here.

All Gold Everything!

As you all know, what we see in stores is driven by what is seen coming down those famous runway shows that happen twice a year, featuring some of the worlds oldest and most loved runway brands. Trends this winter have gone really dark (you know in that gothic, rocker type way), and black is coming through quite strongly in leather, velvet, denim, and all. But i thing black with gold detailing is key! There’s a certain kind of fierceness with the combination of black and gold, I think it’s the stunning contrast, the way the gold stands out even more against the black; and although the trend has more of a punk rocker inspiration this season, I find if done right, this combination can be quite chic. So when it comes to accenting your black outfit, try work in a touch [or better yet a chunk] of gold for a lovely update… be it studs, skulls, spikes, sequins, just about any gold sparkly detail will do.

Puma Social Sequel (^^ ,)

Heard rumours about the party continuing behind the mosaic door in Braamies on Friday nights? Well the rumours are true! PUMA have decided to extend PUMA Social Club until 20 September this year – news that I’m sure will make all you fun lovers smile from ear to ear.       22 March was a sad day for many of Joburg’s young at heart urbanites as it marked the last official Friday night at the popular PUMA Social Club in Braamies. Known for hosting awesome live acts like Desmond and the Tutus, Gazelle, The Frown, Yesterday’s Pupil & Tumi, The Muffinz, Matt Suttner and Spoek Mathambo… providing party-goers with a mix of after-hours sports, local music and late night fun, PUMA Social Jozi has kept the crowds wanting more.   So this friday night Puma calls for all After-hours Athletes to gather at the hot spot now close to our hearts – behind the mosaic wall at 81 De Korte Street, Braamfontein – to get the party going for another six months!   To be part of …

Lovin’ Leather

One of the latest trends for the fall season is leather pants and leggings. I’m a fan! This is Rocker Chic at it’s finest. This trend can be amazing with the right top and what I love is it can be dressed up or down to achieve any look you’re trying to achieve… whether a chunky sweater, t-shirt or blazer, just make sure you allow the pant to be the star and top, the supporting role! If the leather pant trend has you a little hesitant, try pants with leather insets (patches), it isn’t as daring, but you still get the look, in a way that suits you best! Whether investing in a pair of authentic leather pants or going for a faux pair to best suit your pocket, dressing up or more casual… make sure you’re comfortable and have fun with it. 😉