Month: June 2013

Pushing Plexi!

A few months back, as I trolled the internet I stumbled upon a sketch of what I feel is the perfect boot for this winter… …simple, clean cut and chic! *deep sigh* cause this stunning shoe was designed by the king of deconstructivism Maison Martin Margiela for the H&M collection and sadly I wasn’t able to get a pair, so I will just have to find a way to live with my lust for these plexi heeled lovlies! Anyway, the point of my sharing that little piece of me was uhmmm… to share how I came to first notice the plexi heel trend, the light transparent thermoplastic has been seen on sidewalks via blogs everywhere, be sure to be on the look out! Plexi Wedge Oxford designed by Simone Rocha

Online Spree!

I know I have been so bogged down by work and all other aspects of my life, but I really can’t believe I was not aware of the popping up of online shopping site …   The site offers clothes, shoes and accessories on a fresh, easy to use site; delivery is free of charge to SA residents and they say you’ll get your goodies in less than a week (you should all see the big smile on my face right now hehe)! Love! Love! Love! …and they give you the option to see which items your fave magazine has highlighted…    Ok! if you still havent clicked through to the spree site yet, then I dont know *sigh* maybe I just have a online shopping problem *awkard pause*… NAH! I’m sure all fashion lovers are like this. (^^,) Hey! Click on the link on the right side of my page and check the page out, maybe do a bit of shopping!

The Beanie!

Beanies are back!!! Fresh off the Runway… *cue Rihanna’s song* Thank goodness, because it’s starting to get quite nippy outside and I think we can all agree the slouchy knit beanie is definately one of this winter’s accessories one must have! Check out how to rock this cozy accessory… These comfy hats are extremely easy to wear, and can be styled with all types of different outfits (plus, they’re the perfect solution to a bad hair day hehe).

Au Naturel

A while ago I decided to move away from chemically straightening my hair and began this journey down “Natural Lane” with a head full of rollers and an giant soft afrolicious dream (see here). I must say the transition hasn’t been an easy one, as I’ve had work harder at sticking to my hair routine, which is something that’s raelly hard for me, esp with my rollercoaster work schedule)… but my hair and I are slowly making it through (^^,)     Top 5 Tips for Managing My Mane: 1. Deep condition your hair every week, at the minimum every two weeks. 2. Moisturising the scalp regularly, I find coconut oil works great, oh and Shea butter’s nice too. 3. When I haven’t curled my hair, I’ve found plaiting it at night before I sleep helps me manage it better the next morning. 4. Reduce the amount of heat you expose your hair to (try limit how much you use a blow dryer to once every two weeks). 5. Trim the ends at least every 6weeks.