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Pushing Plexi!

A few months back, as I trolled the internet I stumbled upon a sketch of what I feel is the perfect boot for this winter…
…simple, clean cut and chic!
*deep sigh* cause this stunning shoe was designed by the king of deconstructivism Maison Martin Margiela for the H&M collection and sadly I wasn’t able to get a pair, so I will just have to find a way to live with my lust for these plexi heeled lovlies!

Anyway, the point of my sharing that little piece of me was uhmmm… to share how I came to first notice the plexi heel trend, the light transparent thermoplastic has been seen on sidewalks via blogs everywhere, be sure to be on the look out!

Plexi Wedge Oxford designed by Simone Rocha

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Through Shaded Eyes (TSE) is the brainchild of Tokelo Motsepe. A retail buyer and digital strategist with an addiction to blogging, this blog is a platform for my style, life and love for fashion to be shared. What started as an escape from the hustle and bustle of the world, has now become a place to let out my passion for fashion & writing, in-between time spent at work, traveling, or doing everything else life throws at me… it has become a form of expression and I hope it can inspire and encourage you to also share!

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