Day: July 9, 2013


Ok, so if you pop into my blog now and then, you may know I started growing my natural hair out; since then I think I’ve developed what may be referred to as somewhat of an “obsession” with natural hair blogs/bloggers *sigh*… I just can’t get enough of those tips, styles, and the visuals that motivate me to keep on chugging through this not-so-easy transition! Anyway, the winter chill is said to be something that’s not good for ones hair as it dries the hair, making it vulnerable to breakage. So wrapping a turban is an easy and protective styling tool that’s chic, trendy, can be dressed up or down and excellent for those bad hair days *big smile*!!!  Dressed Down Step It Up The African print trend is one that’s really taken off but one can use fabric with any type of print or colour and can tie back to just about any trend (monochromatic, paisley, geometric, etc.) And Thats a Wrap!