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Fuel your Fitness!

I’m one that prefers to work out in the afternoon, but sometimes I get home from an extra-long day at work and I just do not have the energy to get up and at my workout routine. This got me looking into whether there this working out thing is either killing me softly hehe… or if this is something that’s normal and how I can deal with it. Well, since my body is still adjusting to all the extra work it has to do (cause before I used to get home and just plop down onto the couch), I found there are some healthy snacks one can eat to get those energy levels up, and here are my top5:
It seems random, but studies have shown that a small amount of caffeine before a workout (about 100 milligrams) can give you a boost. Splash in some skim milk for added protein and make sure you’re hydrated.
Chocolate Milk
It may sound strange, but I kid you not, Low-Fat chocolate milk has the right mix of carbs, protein and potassium to give your workout a boost.
Hard-Boiled Egg
The egg is a great way to get filling protein, and it contains B vitamins, which help convert the food you eat into energy.

An Apple
This snack is low in calories, high in protein, and easy when you’re on the go. And one apple gives you as much dietary fibre as a serving of bran cereal.


My Favourite is a slice of Lo-GI toast with peanut butter and sliced banana

This snack gives you a healthy balance of carbs (banana and bread) and protein (peanut butter) – leaving you with a shot of energy when you need it most. The protein from the peanut butter also makes sure your energy level stays high throughout your workout.

Be sure to wait about and 15-50mins before working out, depending on the size of your snack, then go, go, GO!

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