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’14 Winters Winners!

Ok, so the sales are rounding up and reality of winter being on its way is hitting home and though the thought of cold, sunless mornings puts a downer on my mood, the thought of fuzzy scarfs and beanies and the fun of layering around the corner, make it all bearable. Just thought I’d sum up my top 5 winter trends and must have items for the season.

Scuba Sweater
Once exclusive to scuba gear and laptop cases, this soft, structured stuff, also known as Neoprene, is this seasons “it” fabric. Though it makes a mean hold-it-all-in bodycon dress, it makes a hotter structured sweater.

Disney Detail
Who really wanted to grow up? Uh mom, not me… alas, here I am all grown with responsibilities and stuff. There’s no denying Disney was a part of most of our childhoods, through the many characters they’ve introduced to us over the years; but none of them beat the classics. 
Cuddle up with your favorite classic Disney cartoon character back this winter!

[Faux] Fur Jacket
Everybody up north is staying snuggly with the help of a fur coat, which only makes sense considering the snow that’s been coming down on them. Keeping our country’s conditions in mind, the best way to wear this trend would be to get a coat with fur detailing, like a fur-lined hoody or a sleeveless fur jacket.

Oversize Coat
You know what they say right, go big or go home!
I am absolutely in love with this one, the oversized wool coat [aka the boyfriend coat], worn warm over any outfit, with sleeves rolled up (cause it can come with oversized sleeves too lol)… I am searching high and low for this one! But you know, if push comes to shove, I might just go digging in my ‘boyfriends’ closet hehehe 

Tantalizing Tartan
A good old favorite is back, tartan in all kinds of colours has returned and it’s taking no prisoners, making sure it stands out, being seen on skirts & scarfs, slacks & sweaters and even on winter boots and bags. Whether you call it tartan, check, plaid or scotch, the tartan trend is a big one this winter.

With things being a bit masculine this winter, go for simpler styling, cleaner lines in the clothes you wear, and add character to your outfit through your accessories. Layering is something I enjoy in winter, though this winter it’s not so much about different colours or prints, but rather layering different different textures in the same colour, try that out.

What are you looking forward to this winter season?

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