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Go for Glass!

Plastic containers are a daily norm, be it a plastic bottle you keep your water in, plastic container you pack your lunch in or plastic bags you carry your groceries in. As often as we use them, I found I don’t really know much about the stuff I put my healthier food in… honestly I thought people used glass bottles for water, simply cause they looked prettier, but nope!
We all grew up thinking plastic was our friend, I mean with brightly coloured brands like Tupperware being so popular with our moms, how could it not be? But in all honesty, in the long term it really isn’t. The truth of the matter is that plastic is made from toxic materials and using these over and over again can cause the toxins can leach into whatever its holding and when eat or drink what has bits of these toxins in them, it can cause serious health problems; not necessarily today, but further down the line, ranging from cancer to infertility.

The solution to this is going with glass containers. It may seem impractical and costly, because if you drop a glass bottle it won’t just roll off, but you could be helping an older you dodge a cancerous bullet. Small, simple changes to one’s lifestyle, can make it healthier, even if it is only slightly.

If you want to read more on reasons to steer clear of plastic, GO HERE!

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