Month: April 2014

Naughty 90s! #theWKNDsocial

In the true nature of fashion, yet another era has made a return, and I’m sure it goes without saying, with pastels, flannel check shirts, crop tops with baggy jeans, metallics, socks with heels, dungarees and scrunchees already being seen out and about, the 90s are back! As I previously mentioned, I will be attending The WKND Social this Saturday, if you missed that post, CLICK HERE… but otherwise the theme for the brunch is the naughty ninties and it took me back to a time when boy bands and girl groups ruled, teen movies were all the rage and just about anything went with regards to fashion! So I’m pulling my hair out trying to decide on what to wear… I watched the movie clueless again (any excuse to watch an oldie)… I listened to some Aaliyah for some inspiration and now I’m just hoping I don’t land up looking like a weird looking tomboy mean girl, if you know what I mean lol! So from what I’ve seen there are some key items …

Throwback Thursday!

It’s amazing how time flies… It feels like just yesterday when I would frantically flat iron my already chemically straightened hair, while the kettle came to a boil, “is it just me or is this kettle getting faster?” is what I would ask myself as I realize I am nowhere near done and just opt to tie a high bun before pouring my tea in my take away mug before dashing out the door… a somewhat typical morning for me, being the non-morning person that I am.   My hair from 2008 to 2012  My hair has always been a major part of who I am and I’ve gone through a few looks and styles through the years…     Almost two years since I decided to transition into being au naturale, I must say I’ve come a long way… in my knowledge about hair in general and in growing my hair, not only longer but stronger! I’ve had numerous people ask how I managed to grow this big cotton wool like wad on my head, …

Taken by Tartan!

So there’s a lot of tartan tainting the stylish streets around the world as we go into winter. A timeless print that can be worn in a number of ways to suit different looks or styles, be it the more youthful urbanite or those looking for a more classic chic look. Tartan comes in a number of colours, though the red tartan stands out as the popular choice for most, with the ivory green tartan also being seen, but feel free to play around with which ever colour tickles your fancy. Best worn with black leather, and lace up boots, be sure to match this punk print with some red lipstick, to round off the outfit. 

First Thursdays

Whether you’re an art enthusiast or someone who has never set foot in a gallery before, First Thursdays is a fabulous way to experience the cultural wealth that Cape Town has to offer. The city centre comes alive on the first Thursday of every month, as lots of art galleries and stores stay open ’til 9pm. Pick a starting point and find your way around (more maps HERE)… maybe we’ll bump into each other in all that fun and share or snap a pic!