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Forever21! #CPT

Yesterday was the media launch for the new and first Forever21 store in South Africa!
Launched in Canal Walk mall, which is just outside CBD in the heart of Century City here in Cape Town (close to Ratanga Junction for those who are still trying to work it out), I couldn’t stop smiling like a kid in a candy store when I approached the store with its beautifull decorated front windows, already spotting what I had to take home with me.
As I mentioned in my previous post here, I have been lucky enough to shop the brand overseas and I must say the Forever21 people really did good, they didn’t hold back; its not the 4-floored marvel I’ve seen, but baby steps, right!?

It goes on and on…
Most of us were simply looking forward to shopping up a storm, but I must say I was impressed with how the overall event was put together. Besides the yummy nibbles, live music and delicious drinks, we had tour guides breaking down the different “Forever21 Girls” (the variying style looks/types they cater for) and they had Leigh-Anne Williams from the Expresso Show, as the lovely host that tied it all together.
Silver Dust… #magic
Basically, Forever21 has realised that us girls don’t quite like showing up to a party or picnic to find someone else wearing the same thing (I think that’s happened to most of us), and with mass production fashion, that can become ones reality more often than one would like to think.
Fringe Lace #girly #chic
Anyway, they are basically saying, they are working at helping us with this cause by producing smaller runs (a limited, small number) of each style, but that ovbiously means that once the style has sold, its gone… so if you see it, buy it, cause it probably won’t be there tomorrow!
With the rise of Zara and that way of working, more and more retailers are doing this, and its nice to seemore brands like this land here on homeground, as it helps more people access pleasures the rest of the world enjoys.
Scarfs are key for the naturalist in me… #paisley #floral #bandana #trendyprints
Now the part I’m sure you’ve been waiting to see… lol is it still affordable? 
YES! I believe it is, and I understand how that’s relative to how much one earns, but i would peg their pricepoints at the level of Cotton On and Factorie (I think).
Fitting Room Selfie! #lovetheopenback #samsung #selfie
One thing I was a bit disappointed in was the shoe range, the styles on offer were very simple and all pretty similar, with not much variety in the styling or colours and I know they can and have done better, so looking forward to them bringing a better offering there.
To end it all off mouth-watering macaroons miniture waffles (my fave) were served up to give it all a sweet sweet ending and all-in-all, Forever21 will be seeing quite a bit of me… so head on over to Canal Walk (where Mr P used to be) this Saturday, 13 Sep, doors open at 9am and the first 300 shoppers get a free gift… trust me when I say you will not be disappointed! 
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  1. I'm so jealous of all you Cape Town cool kids. Forever 21 is my absolute favourite. And now I love them even more realising that they work with limited ranges of fast fashion. Cotton On/Factorie pricing isn't too bad considering what usually happens when big brands from overseas are brought over.Hope you had a great


  2. I'm sure they will be opening stores elsewhere in time, and you will be able to shop there yourself… sadly they couldn't say when and where; but I did have a great time thanks Khens.


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