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Fashion Week Focus

New York Fashion Week started last week and all eyes have been on the all things fashionable happening in the big apple. I’m not a fan of the big city in the winter, but I would put my Cryophobia (fear of extreme cold) aside in a heartbeat to hobnob with the crème de la crème of fashion, though hearing how people were forced to wait outside in the cold for the delayed Kanye x Adidas show to open, kind of has me thinking twice. NYFW is one of my favourites as its line-up includes some of my most loved names, Chloe, Victoria Beckham, BCBG Max Azria, The Row, Michael Kors, Marc Jacobs and SA’s very own David Tlale.


I’ve always enjoyed watching fashion shows, watching perfectly poised, stick thin models glide down the runways in the most amazing creations is something I can do for hours. An unknowing mind may think it’s just a matter of pretty clothes being paraded by women with boy-like bodies that portray and maybe encourage an unhealthy body image. But really, these showcases are the work of artists being displayed on models who allow for the clothes to be the centre of attention, cause let’s be honest, the curves of a woman can be quite the distraction. These artworks are insprired by numerous aspects that may surround the designer, but one thing I have always found remarkable when it comes to fashion weeks is how in-sync most of these collections are with each other. Even looking back at shows done way before the internet and street-style blogs that can be ones source of inspiration, there are similarities across the works of the different designers, like them all having wider leg shapes or seventies inspired looks, these are what is used to predict the coming trends and we will see a watered down version of in the seasons to come.


It’s funny to think that watching an endless showcase of fashion shows wasn’t always as easy as plopping on the couch and switching to FTV, as getting the family on board was a battle I never won, and it left me having to sneak out of bed in the middle of the night to soak up the magic in silence. Now, it’s a no brainer, I can stream shows live and don’t even have to wait til I get home. As I type, a reminder pops up on my mobile, the Marc Jacobs show is about to go live… aah the joy that is the advancement of technology.

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Through Shaded Eyes (TSE) is the brainchild of Tokelo Motsepe. A retail buyer and digital strategist with an addiction to blogging, this blog is a platform for my style, life and love for fashion to be shared. What started as an escape from the hustle and bustle of the world, has now become a place to let out my passion for fashion & writing, in-between time spent at work, traveling, or doing everything else life throws at me… it has become a form of expression and I hope it can inspire and encourage you to also share!

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