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Stay Strappy

This summer saw the 90’s back like they never left, and with that some uhmmm “not so pretty” shoes gained popularity. Birkenstock-esque slip-ons, chunky lug soles and kitten heels traipsing the streets and man, oh man, the way seeing a pair would just rub me up the wrong way. I mean, I get their comfort appeal and agree that some of those styles bring a tomboy casual chic look together nicely, but they just aren’t my taste. Enter one strappy saviour… bringing sunshine and rainbows to my summer shoe closet.

Also resurrected from a bygone age of the nineties, the minimalist heeled sandals have proven to be quite easy to wear with just about any look. I’m not really a buy the same thing in different colours kind of girl, but finding styles of this shoe in different variations was a piece of cake, it’s deciding which pair to wear that has me stuck between a rock and a hard place, just minutes before walking out the house.

Needless to say these babies have my heart strapped in for the long haul.

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Through Shaded Eyes (TSE) is the brainchild of Tokelo Motsepe. A retail buyer and digital strategist with an addiction to blogging, this blog is a platform for my style, life and love for fashion to be shared. What started as an escape from the hustle and bustle of the world, has now become a place to let out my passion for fashion & writing, in-between time spent at work, traveling, or doing everything else life throws at me… it has become a form of expression and I hope it can inspire and encourage you to also share!

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