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A fashion frenzy has filled the air of major cities across the globe, for the last couple of weeks now, with fashion weeks globetrotting from one fashion capital to the next. Last night marked the start of AFI’s Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Johannesburg, here in South Africa, and I must say it was off to quite an exciting start.

I just love it when the collections of different designers have some common threads, be it in colours used, like the blue hues and different shades of ravishing reds that popped up across designers, or the silhouettes and shapes that stand out. These show a similar feel for where the trends will be shifting to for the coming season and more than anything I loved how the designers were pretty much on par with what the rest of the world was putting forth, though in their own, individualistic and proudly South African way.

Last nights line-up saw the likes of Khosi Nkosi, Tsotetsi, Marriane Fassler, Tart and more and I must say I was quite impressed, and am eagerly looking forward to the colder days so I can get to putting on what I picked up last night.

As they say, the devil is in the details, so here are my favourite four from last nights showings:

– VOLUME – Tsotetsi showed us how to take some of our favourite summer pieces into winter, with voluminous tulle skirts and full velvet skirts, in deep blue hues and black, topped with the most beautiful, wide brim sun hats.


image courtesy of SDR Photo

CROWN – with winter comes protective hairstyles and cover-ups to shield ones hair from the harshness of the seasons chill. I just loved how Khosi Nkosi tied in turbans with different kinds of looks, whether casual chic, going to work or trying to look like an African queen.


image courtesy of SDR Photo

– DENIM – probably one of the biggest trends right now, cause it can go with just about any look one can imagine, this versatile fabrication was put to the test by The leopard frock queen, with a capsule in her collection being made in different types of blue denim. From dresses to jackets, to full on denim gowns, I loved the patchwork detail and of course, her signature leopard print made it’s way in the mix.


image courtesy of SDR Photo

– TASSEL – now I’ve shared my love for this little bit of detailing as I reviewed fashion shows in the last weeks. And I know it’s only the first day and it may be too soon to say this. But the fully tasseled red ensemble that sashayed down the runway in designer label Tart’s showcasing stole my heart.


image courtesy of SDR Photo

If you haven’t yet booked yourself a ticket, I recommend you do just that, with tickets being easily accessible online, there really Is no excuse. Otherwise the fashion off the runway was just is interesting, with fashion folk filling Melrose Arch square in their statement prints on prints and cool combinations of clothing, you could just go have dinner/drinks nearby, do some people watching and soak it all up from afar.

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Through Shaded Eyes (TSE) is the brainchild of Tokelo Motsepe. A retail buyer and digital strategist with an addiction to blogging, this blog is a platform for my style, life and love for fashion to be shared. What started as an escape from the hustle and bustle of the world, has now become a place to let out my passion for fashion & writing, in-between time spent at work, traveling, or doing everything else life throws at me… it has become a form of expression and I hope it can inspire and encourage you to also share!


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