Month: April 2015

Lady in Layers

So this week is all about layering on different textures and playing around with lengths and with this look I showcase the midi length, which I so love. a lady like length, that’s not too long and far from too short, it can easily suit just about any body shape or size, and gives great coverage on extra windy days. #weheartpracticalfashion I shared other ways you can wear those layers as the winter chill creeps in, showing you mainly how you can bring different colors together, I love sticking to one color palette and just playing around with fabric textures to add dimension and a point of interest to a simple look.. instead of wearing flat, similar fabricated items in different shades, take a closer look at the photo below. The gold and wooden hints in the accessories and shoes added to the natural earthy feel of the look which had me feeling extra warm and cosy as Tegan snapped away in a bid to help capture the details I wanted to share with you guys.

Lovin’ My Layers

The autumn chill has about settled in, though I do feel like the seasons are still having a bit of a tug of war, cause I wake up to dreary foggy mornings, which will have cleared by the time I get to the office, it feels pretty warm out when I pop out the office at lunch time, but I soon realize “nope, not really” cause of the cold chilled breeze, and when I head home, it’s a nice warm evening like we’re still stuck in the summer of 2014. Honestly, it’s enough to drive one fashionably insane! I styled up my favorite over-sized vintage denim shirt into two of my most loved color themes for this winter, denim blue hues and military green neutrals; all worn with my most loved pair of high-waist mom jeans from H&M. I’m a lover of knitwear, its easy to wear, can be dressed up or down and isn’t too warm, perfect for transitional seasons like now or for added warmth when its really cold; so naturally both looks had …

Taste of Tassles

A major trend that could not be missed both on and off the runways during fashion week, both here at home and abroad was that of tassels. The detail of little strips hanging from an item, either as fringe detailing [like in the much loved kimono] or covering the whole thing [like in the marvelous Tart coat that stole the show at #MBFWJ], has gaining momentum and judging by what we saw on the runways, this is one that will hang around awhile, at least another year or so. I enjoy finding items like this pair of suede boots, not only cause fringified fashion items can be on the pricey side of life (it costs to have such lovely detail), it’s a way of wearing the trend in a less obvious way. So be it on a jacket or bag, be sure to keep an eye out when doing your winter shopping for those itsy bitsy teeny weeny strands of stuff.

Tee x Tart

If you read this blog often enough or follow me on instagram then you are well aware of how blown away I was by the Tart AW15 showing at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Johannesburg a couple of weeks ago, if you don’t then you can click through HERE to follow me on insta and HERE to read my post on the fabulous fashion shown at MBFWJ a few weeks ago. I recently connected with the awesomeness that is Cari Stephenson, the woman behind the Tart brand and she was kind enough to let me raid her rail to put together looks to wear to the Mercedes Benz Bokeh International Fashion Film Festival, and you can read more on that and see how I styled things up for the red carpet HERE. “After the show, its the afterparty..” the words of Jay-Z rapping in Fiesta come to mind, cause after work I decided to have a bit of fun with it; just a different kind of fun. With the hand-tied tassels of this ensemble swooshing about with every step I took …

A day in the life… #fashionphotographer

So with the success of the poll on the first ‘a day in the life…’ post, which covered what I do as a fashion buyer (if you missed it, click here) I have decided to do a monthly interview with a friend in fashion, to give more insight on the different careers available in the fashion industry. Today’s Q&A is with fashion photographer, Tegan Smith, the lovely lady that captures my style for this blog.  Q: What did you study in order to be a Fashion Photographer and how did you come to working in fashion? I studied photography at the Ruth Prowse School of Art. Up until a year after leaving high school I always wanted to be a teacher. I enjoyed taking photos and many people suggested I take my talent further so I studied photography for three years and received my diploma. When I started photography I wanted to be a nature and travel photographer but when studying, college pushed me to do commercial shoots and fine art shoots and I found my love for fashion there. Q: In simple terms what …