Day: April 16, 2015

Taste of Tassles

A major trend that could not be missed both on and off the runways during fashion week, both here at home and abroad was that of tassels. The detail of little strips hanging from an item, either as fringe detailing [like in the much loved kimono] or covering the whole thing [like in the marvelous Tart coat that stole the show at #MBFWJ], has gaining momentum and judging by what we saw on the runways, this is one that will hang around awhile, at least another year or so. I enjoy finding items like this pair of suede boots, not only cause fringified fashion items can be on the pricey side of life (it costs to have such lovely detail), it’s a way of wearing the trend in a less obvious way. So be it on a jacket or bag, be sure to keep an eye out when doing your winter shopping for those itsy bitsy teeny weeny strands of stuff.