Day: April 23, 2015

Lady in Layers

So this week is all about layering on different textures and playing around with lengths and with this look I showcase the midi length, which I so love. a lady like length, that’s not too long and far from too short, it can easily suit just about any body shape or size, and gives great coverage on extra windy days. #weheartpracticalfashion I shared other ways you can wear those layers as the winter chill creeps in, showing you mainly how you can bring different colors together, I love sticking to one color palette and just playing around with fabric textures to add dimension and a point of interest to a simple look.. instead of wearing flat, similar fabricated items in different shades, take a closer look at the photo below. The gold and wooden hints in the accessories and shoes added to the natural earthy feel of the look which had me feeling extra warm and cosy as Tegan snapped away in a bid to help capture the details I wanted to share with you guys.