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The Big Apple – NYC

This post is very delayed, I know, you’re probably looking at my instapics like “this chick though..” shaking your head and all lol. Well things have been awfully busy, cause this was a work trip and not for fun like the last so that and rest are my main priorities, I hope you understand.

2015-05-13 04.21.52 4

Quick recap, I first visited the city that never sleeps the winter before last, it was freezing cold with temperatures dipping as low as -9° and I swear I almost lost my hands, even with two pairs of gloves on… lol ok ok maybe I’m exaggerating, but I honestly had never felt such cold weather before and I regretted wishing for the chance to experience a snowy winter; I guess its true what they say, “be careful what you wish for”. Seeing the sights was more difficult and I just found the city to be unwelcoming, with its unfriendly people, which looking back now I feel may have just been a result of the crappy weather, stone cold grey scenery, which was interesting at first (seeing well known high rises), but after a couple of blocks it just became a bland blur of stone and grey and no greenery whatsoever. So after that experience I really had no interest in going back. Fortunately, life had different plans..


I landed at JFK airport in New York City, ahead of schedule and welcomed by some lovely, warm spring weather. I won’t lie, I let out a major sigh of relief when I felt how warm it was cause 25° doesn’t always feel the same and I guess I was a bit more scarred by my last encounter with the harsh NYC winter *felt a chill up run up my neck as I typed*.

Always a pleasure staying at the Radisson, be it in New York, London or Brazil

Love is in the Air #springthings

Love is in the Air! #springthings #timessquare

Being the eager beaver that I am, after a quick shower and change of clothes, I was about ready to get this second shot at things between the Big Apple and I going. The streets were the epitome of the term ‘hustle and bustle’ and it honestly never seems to stop, there I was popping into a clothing store after 1am on my way back to my hotel – let’s just say I have a weakness for cute things in window displays and an affinity for shopping. Anyway, the diversity in the people that roam the streets, the street performance art with dancers making you feel like joining them and musicians filling the air with wonderful sounds, the old buildings with interesting shops and restaurants and different kinds of skyscrapers with amazing views of the city from all angles.

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Bottom of Times Square


STK Downtown Rooftop from afar | Me Mules | on the STK Downtown Rooftop

I made a trip to the infamous meat-packing district, and I absolutely loved it. Cobblestone streets, with quaint bistros & bars, and well known designer names like DvF & Tory Burch standing here and there. I think if I lived in NYC, I wouldn’t mind it being here. If not, then anywhere close to Central Park would do, as I would need easy access to some nature, cause they really aren’t playing around when they call it “the concrete jungle”… it was rather overwhelming for someone like me, who’s gotten used to being surrounded by a lot of green, and no, it’s not cause I’ve become such a Capetonian, cause with Joburg being the largest man-made forest and all, I have come to enjoy seeing nature all around me, throughout the year.

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Central Park

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Museum of Art & Design

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Painting by Richard Estes

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Stalked this bright yellow trench

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Adieu New York

A good time was had, new spots discovered, interesting people connected with, lots of yumminess eaten.. from New York, it was on to London, one of my favourite cities, so I won’t say I was too sad about leaving; always a pleasure going there and though it was colder than New York this time round, somehow I feel more at home there than anywhere else I’ve been (except home of course).

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