Day: May 19, 2015

Black & Blue

How this surge of winters chill has me feeling… all bruised up from the cold & rain. The colder it gets, the lazier I become, the more creative head-wraps you see me in and at some point I just give in completely and go for a new hairdo, or what naturals refer to as the wintertime protective style. I finally figured out how to do one of these oversized head-wraps, lol and I must add how I was quite happily surprised to discover that it doesn’t take me growing my hair as huge as Cipriana Quann and TK Wonder to get the look. With longline coats being all the rage, I’m enjoying playing different lengths against each other as I pile on the layers. And the tassles in the boots I shared with you guys HERE at a bit of my favourite trend for this winter to this look. All images courtesy of Tegan Smith, see more of her work HERE.