Month: July 2015

It Takes Two

Tart Clothing, a local fashion label that lies close to my heart will be showing at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Cape Town tomorrow and as I was scrolling through images of their passed collections, I thought why not show how some of the styles off the runway can easily be worn on the street. I linked up with Brilliant Kodie of xluddite, a talented photographer from Botswana who was in town for fashion week to capture what I had in mind. The first look, is a simple midi bodycon dress which, as you know I love. The high neckline with the black gives it a sporty feel, which is why I chose to wear it with a pair of my favourite monochromatic trainers instead of heels. This dress was from the Spring/Summer MBFWCT collection in 2013, but cause it’s still as cold as ice outside, I covered up with the leather moto jacket. This second look is my absolute favourite, cause I have a slight obsession with high-slits (yes, even in winter lol). This maxi …


Exciting news for all Cape Town fashionista’s… Zando’s makeover van will be in town this week! What does that mean? Well, simply put, for this week only, you could stand a chance to win a head-to-toe look, courtesy of Zando and I have teamed up with Tart to style up a lucky winner in some fierce fashion straight from the runway! How do you get in on the action? Well, all you have to do is post a full-length photo of yourself (with your whole body facing forward, obviously), on either twitter, instagram or on the Zando facebook wall… add where in Cape Town you are and the hashtag #StyleMeZando. Who knows? Our fashion may come and find you!

Black to Basics

Sometimes, when the clouds are grey and getting out of bed is just about the toughest hurdle to get over before starting your day, simplicity is what is needed. On those days, one just needs to go back to basics, and there no better colour than black to do that with in winter. My favourite layering item this winter has to be this ribbed knit turtle neck that can easy go under just about anything and cause its not too thick, and stretches enough to fit comfortably over just about any light top. I paired this with a simple basic pair of highwaist black jeans, which for one is a cut I love cause it best flatters just about every body shape and secondly, it can be easily be dressed up or down to suit what ever look you want to put together. I have grown to enjoy dressing up in winter, I won’t lie, learning how to layer was my saving grace.

Conte x Creative

A while ago I went to the Cape Town launch of Conte Magazine, a quarterly magazine that I first shared with you guys HERE, but I managed to actually get myself a copy of this creative portfolio and I just love all that it is and all that it stands for. Simply put, Conte magazine is a platform that drives creative collaboration amongst creative individuals from all fields by featuring them in the magazine. The first issue saw illustrators, fine artists, poets, graphic designers, animators, photographers, architects and fashion designers, come together to create some extraordinary work that I very much enjoyed paging through. Every issue will have its own theme and will be accompanied by a quarterly exhibition event, which will see featured artists exhibiting their work. At the launch event I got to hear some moving live poetry and have a look at some of the beautiful and thought provoking artwork displayed; and I imagine the next event will be even better with more creatives joining this melting pot. The theme for the …


We’re in the thick of winter, its freezing cold outside and everything is just about dead and dry out there. I’ve mentioned how in winter, I enjoy bouncing between dark hues and light nudes (I guess its the gemini in me), and this look is more of the latter. “It was one of those days when the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold; when it is summer in the light, and winter in the shade.” – Charles Dickens Last time I shared a neutral look with you I broke it up with the hot new fatigue colour [check that post out HERE] , this time its my rust colour midi length dress taking centre stage, I love it for its high neck line, which is perfect for this chilly winter weather. I enjoy how somehow, in the thick of the forrest, Tegan and I managed to bring things together and create what I think is my favourite shoot for this winter. Everything just came together, the warm earthy tones, with the shades of my ensemble …