Month: September 2015

Black | Out

I felt this all-black look fit my mood perfectly today, mourning the end of a lovely long weekend,  but feeling fresh and very well rested and ready to demolish the week ahead; and the rest of this year actually. With October just around the corner, it officially marks the launch of summer for those of us in retail, even though summer has yet to hit those of us here in the Cape, though we have been experiencing more sunny day’s in-between the rainy ones. That hasn’t gotten my spirits down though, I’m more than ready for summer and in the meantime am enjoying mixing my winter faves with some of summer styles, as you can see here.. and no, my legs don’t get cold, thanks to 12years of wearing a skirt in school, through all kinds of cold. Hope you all continue to have a wonderful week. All images by Brilliant Kodie – | insta – @brilliantkodie


At the last Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Cape Town I was wore this gorgeously dramatic number that stole the show at their last winter showing in Joburg and my heart. I was in transit to Brazil when I saw the live stream of snaps from the runway show and instantly blown away, never did I imagine I would ever get to wear such magic.. yes, I said magic lol. Its amazing how fashion can make us feel. I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s mood can be altered by simply slipping on a flowy summer dress, sexy pair of strappy heels or stunning piece of jewelry, whether its comfort we crave or something to add a pep to our step, and what I love most is how it can help one express different sides of themselves through what they wear. I’m not one to wear the colour red, its a bold, strong colour that I always find too overwhelming, (though red lipstick I can do any day); but when this fabulous fringe piece was …

Mono | Me

Inspired by the ghosts of #monochromemonday’s passed, I put together this print mash-up look for one from a series of three done in collaboration with fashion photographer Brilliant Kodie, the fun I had with him traipsing about the city snapping up pics, munching on muffins and guzzling hot chocolate while rushing in between things has me chuckling just thinking about it all. I have never really been one to wear much printed clothing, simply cause I would rather go for whatever style in an understated plain colour, but now and then, things like this happen and you just can’t resist. It’s always fun to find new ways to wear old favourites, and this bomber style monochromatic piece of knitwear is just what I needed cause the weather is still crappy here in Cape Town and it added a new twist to this comfy, body hugging geometric print dress from last season. All images by Brilliant Kodie – | insta – @brilliantkodie