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Rise & Shine | #lionshead

I’m sure we’re all pretty settled into the new year and gearing up to get stuck into all the plans for work, travel, fun, learning and growth that lay ahead. One thing I have come to enjoy doing at the start of the new year, is to go for a hike to help me plunge into a healthier lifestyle (which is much needed after a couple weeks of eating a drinking way too much) and to clear my mind while taking in the sight of the beautiful city I live in.


sunlight pouring over the city


Yesterday’s ascend however, saw me on a new more challenging trail up Lion’s Head, that had me scaling up the side of this peak I thought I had gotten to know so well. I had never been rock-climbing before and after finally making it up the hidden path of stairs that seemed like they would never end (probably cause of how unfit I am, having not worked out in months), I found myself faced with large boulders that required me to basically claw my way up; and turning back was not an option.

The six of us were guided by a good friend of mine, who has become quite a pro at this mountain thing. I felt much better having someone I trust there to offer support and a helping hand when stuck in a crevice my measly arms couldn’t lift me out of and I was sure there was no way out and that was the end and all I would live to see in 2016. A bit dramatic I know, but it was very scary at the time, considering people have died out there.



As we got closer to the top and rejoined the trail I was more than familiar with, I couldn’t help but liken what I had just experienced to ones journey through life. Sometimes, you find yourself off the beaten path, with obstacle so large ahead of you, that you see no way of getting passed them. What I have realised is how surrounding yourself with the right people is so important, because the people in your life can either help or hinder your progress. We all had different fitness level and some of us had difficulty in some parts of the journey while others had trouble in other parts. And I won’t lie, having those close to me encouraging me and showing me how, helped me get through what I struggled with.



Whilst deep in thought, I didn’t realise our posse of hikers had shrunk down to three. After rejoining the known trail, some had decided to call it a day and head down the mountain. That’s kind of how life works out as well, not everyone is necessarily on the journey for the same objective, for some it’s to get to the top, for others it’s just another form of exercise and the top isn’t that big a deal as you still get good views going up; we all have different backgrounds and are in it for different reasons and will each find our own happiness at different points in our journey.


started from the bottom


A few minutes later, we made it to the peak of Lion’s Head and it felt good to take a few minutes to take the view in while taking a breather, though it wasn’t long before we headed down ourselves. And somewhere between that and getting down to the car I committed to taking on Table Mountain soon.. the excitement discovering the rock climber within I guess. So check back to see how that goes; though I must admit to feeling all kinds of scared and excited at the same damn time lol.


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