Day: May 24, 2016

Strike the right Cord

It’s all about texture this winter, basically mixing and matching items that have different and interesting feels to them. I’m really feeling this one, cause it’s nice to be all cozy and warm when it’s cold out, but having what you’re wearing FEEL cozy too, is next level comfort! As you know, the easiest [and my most loved] way for me to add a bit of texture to one of my looks, is pulling on some cuddley knitwear, but I recently bumped into a blast from the past, in one of my current fave winter colours (olive green), and I’m sure you will all remember this one from back in the day. Corduroy pants, I mean, when last? They were softer than I remember and felt the soft feel and rich colour would be nice to add to my closet. What do you think? Will be wearing them this winter? All images by Tegan Smith