Month: June 2016

Up in the Air

Travel is one of the few things that excites my everything, right up there with peanut butter ice cream, wearing a new pair of heels and spending time with those close to my heart. And as I sit on this ten hour long flight, etching closer and closer to my destination, a lot is going through my mind.

Any ideas on where I may be going?

The Fray

I remember back when I was a kid and my pants would become too short, as I grew taller and my mother would undo the hem to give them some length.. fast forward to the present, where what my mom used to do is trending and I’m paying good money to own a piece of that nostalgia. I came across this new wider shaped leg with a frayed hem while shopping awhile ago. I must admit though those were the things that stood out and got me to buy them, they were also the reason for my hesitation to wear them. I mean, have you ever bought something you loved, but just wasn’t sure how to wear it? That happens to me now and then and that’s when I take to the internet to get inspiration from other fab fashionista’s. Skinnies still make up a large portion of my denim collection and I won’t stop wearing them anytime soon and can also be found with the frayed hem, but I enjoy trying new shapes and …