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Heritage Day

Today is a day that was initially known as Shaka Day, to celebrate the Zulu King, Shaka; who played an important role in uniting many Zulu clans into a cohesive nation.

Post 1994, the government decided to rename the holiday to Heritage Day to make it a day when all South Africans can celebrate the diverse cultural heritage that makes up our nation;

I am Tswana and we traditionally wear small, brown coloured animal skins, but because it’s not that warm yet here in the Cape, I had to cover up more and rather wore one of my favourite afri-print skirts made in my clan’s traditional cloth, known as Seshoeshoe.

I enjoy how the day gives one the opportunity to dig into their culture to find out more about their heritage and, most of all I love how it allows for us to experience and learn from others about their culture.
I believe truly embracing this day, gives us the platform to share ourselves and what makes us different proudly and celebrate that. That is infact what makes us a “rainbow nation” right? Though I do feel we still are quite divided as a nation and a day like this helps us not only learn more about eachother, but also be more accepting.

How do you feel about Heritage Day?

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