Month: February 2017

Off 2 Work & Off 2 Play

My job requires me to spend most of my time in the office, whether it’s responding to my endless emails inbetween catching up on admin, sitting in a number of meetings and now and then I’ll go out visiting stores, retail is a fast pace industry that keeps me on my toes. On most days, I keep it simple with a easy dress and heels, and now and then I’ll wear jeans & heels, paired with a cute top; I’m not much of a morning person so I like to keep things simple. With summer still going strong, especially for us living in the Cape (sun still sets around 8pm), I like to do the most and take advantage of the warmer, sometimes hotter evenings, with a visit to the beach or dinner plans. On days like this, I like to wear easy and versatile pieces that I can easily swap out. Here I wear an shirt-style off-the-shoulder top (who doesn’t have a couple of these tops from this passed summer? They were everywhere!), with …

Beach Please!

It’s no secret how much I love the ocean, and enjoy finding and exploring new beaches, sundrenched and salty is one of my favourite ways to spend my weekend. A relaxed morning, that starts with a lazy lie-in and slowly becomes a day filled with perfect, sun-soaked moments under clear summer skies. My most recent beach discovery is Beta beach, a small beach nestled in between homes and giant rocks; and what is great is that these rocks create little pools of water that isn’t too cold for one to swim in. The afternoon always seems go by slowly, filled with picking up seashells to add to already my mounting collection, mentally reviewing the week passed and all that lies ahead and dipping in and out of the chilled water, while waiting for the sunset.. boy oh boy do I love a beautiful sunset!   Images by Tegan Smith