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My Fave MBFWJ17 Photogs

I enjoy attending fashion weeks, the dressing up in you most fashionable digs to meet and mingle with other fashion loving folk, but most importantly to watch the highly anticipated runway shows showcasing the latest offering from local fashion creators.

I didn’t make it up to Johannesburg this time around, if I’m honest, the season switch had me a bit dizzy and I didn’t plan properly and was still caught up in a whirlwind of content creating and platform building (more on that soon enough), when I was suddenly inundated with fashion week emails.

I felt a bit of FOMO when the timelines on all my social platforms were flooded with fashion folk looking their best at the Mall of Africa, I must say I enjoyed watching the numerous live streams and thought I’d share some street style shots by my favourite photographers that kept me glued to my phone.

Jeffrey Rikhotso better known as @jefflovesphotography on instagram, I love the mood of his images, they have a cool and casual, ‘caught-in-the-moment’ feel about them.


Elijah Semosa is the person behind @72_photography and his images are shared on online magazine @UFL_africa showcasing more detailed pictures of each look photographed, which is great when you’re constantly taking screenshots of inspo for your next outfit and you want to get a good look of the full ensemble.


Uyapo Ketogetswe‘s street style images are always mixed in with some shots from backstage of some of the shows, which added a point of difference I always enjoy; if that’s your kind of thing then @nde_uyapo is the account you need to keep your eyes on next time around.


Cedric Nzaka of Everyday People Stories was working in collaboration with The Threaded Man, capturing street style images for their platform and sharing almost instantly on twitter for the AFI Xperience #RootedinStyle. I love the portrait series’ he does so I shared his most recent Xperience Faces.


I’m glad I got to sit out the magical mayhem of all the shows and whatnot, cause it allowed me to take it all in and enjoy people watching from a distance.

It took me back to my fashion school days, sitting in the Lisof library scrolling through endless streams of street style images from Scott Schuman, Yvan Rodic and Tommy Ton to name a few. So proud to see South African photogs and fashionistas stand their own, in line with the rest of the fashion world.


All images were found on the instagram pages of the above mentioned photographers – click on the mentioned insta handles and it will take you through to threir pages for you to see more and follow.


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