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Fierce Ford | #getbusy

My demanding 9-to-5 main and side bae of a blog keep me pretty busy, but throw in my unending wanderlust & foodie friends and that can make life pretty interesting. A reliable car is key, but more so, one with lots of space, is fuel efficient and makes being on the road easy.

Enter the Ford Ecosport – cute, roomy and raring to go.


I was headed to another one of my lunch-at-a-faraway-place-with-the-girls recently and thinking I had about mastered the route to this particular wine farm, I was reminded why I always keep my G-maps close and battery charged (12V power outlet in the car helps when I’m low 😉).

Anyway, I took the wrong offramp, which lead to a wrong turn, that landed me up on this [seemingly] never-ending stretch of dirt road for what felt like forever. At some point I just gave in and just took in the scenery; which was different and got me thinking about how in life we often find ourselves in what seems like the wrong road, that isn’t so great, but with a little time we can find it can lead to something great. I ended up coming back after my late lunch to take these photographs, which I absolutely love.

I’m pretty chilled [when it comes to cars] and some of my favourite things about this one had to be how it actually goes when I need to take off, how it effortlessly sync’s up with my phone, keeping me connected safely [hands-free], there’s lots of space for me to put all my junk & not just in the trunk, how it can sense when something ain’t right behind me (always has my back) and those feisty looking xenon headlights.


With an EcoBoost engine that packs quite a punch, whether I need to quickly zoom around the city for meetings or go the distance on a drive out of town for a getaway, it’s proven to nicely maneuver those narrow streets of Cape Town, unexpected dirt roads and go easy on fuel consumption, saving me quite a bit here & there.

Being a lover of the open road, I have explored quite a bit of South Africa in my Ecosport, you can see my recent trip to Wilderness here and my cross-country trip further up north here.


#solotraveller #solostellenbosch


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