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Blackheath Lodge | #comehome

Blackheath Lodge is conveniently situated on Cape Town’s world-famous Atlantic Seaboard just off High Level Road in Sea Point and right under well-known Signal Hill.

They recently renovated a couple of their rooms and invited me to a night in their Superior room to really get a feel for the new space. So I packed my overnight bag for a midweek break and cause it coincided with existing plans, I decided to mash them up and my midweek break turned out to be a girls catch up sleepover.

I would recommend this place for any of my friends and readers visiting Cape Town for a short or long stay – purely because ending my day in this lovely little place felt like coming home. Not that I have friendly staff waiting on me at home lol, boy do I wish… but the decor details  and vibe were comfy and homey. I got there late afternoon, found a cute, cushioned corner for me to respond to some emails with some tea while I waited for an engagement – to be honest, I wished it was a book I was curled up with instead, but hey.

Later went up to our room for the night and the first thing to catch my eye was the two fuchsia (bright pink) coloured armchairs, which were soooo soft to the touch and second thing was the size of the place, I felt like we should have taken a half day and prepared breakfast in the adorable kitchenette they had in the room. I enjoyed watching the sunset change the colours of the sky from the deck and caught up on social media happenings on the rooms complimentary iPad mini.

The night was spent sprawled out in the living area talking about life, love, and just about any bit of randomness that popped up really, kept warm by copious amounts of tea, toasty heater and cute little blankets in the room. Around midnight, we actually snuck downstairs [against our better judgement and new healthier diets] to get some chocolates and candy from the serving stations before ultimately retiring sometime in the wee hours of the morning.

A couple of hours later we were up and at ’em, me not quite as bright-eyed (I am not a morning person, not yet anyway) and was happy to share one last cup of tea on the deck to round things up, before getting the day started.

Please note that there was a decadent fully functioning coffee machine with those fancy pod thingy’s that are all the rage in the room ..I am just a tea lover so I opted to enjoy their wide variety of tea selections instead.

To find out more about this place –

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  1. Lebogang Tsipa says

    Hello Tokelo

    Is the lodge baby friendly? I would love to visit Cape Town over the holidays and would love come with my little one.


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