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Cape Point | #thejourney

I woke up on a recent Saturday, with a plan to have breakfast in bed and an overall relaxed day at home doing laundry and enjoying some alone time after a busy week.

My plans were quickly replaced with a more appealing offer of trekking up to the Cape Point lighthouse, something I actually hadn’t done yet. Less than an hour later, I was getting into the car with a friend and off we went, with some good music, sunnies and phone batteries charged up to capture it all.

I find this similar to life in a way, every now and then things happen that you didn’t anticipate. I’ve learnt that the more you embrace what is happening and just go with it, instead of getting frustrated, trying to fight/stop it to try make things to go the way you want them to.. the better the journey is.

See, I believe things happen the way they are meant to, for a devine reason that is greater than we are. Whether to get us to learn something new about ourselves, meet someone new that will help you along this journey called life or just to teach you the importance of taking time out to stop and smell the roses. And the sooner one embraces what is happening and actively takes part in it all, the easier it flows, the less frustrated and stressed out one will be and the sooner one can learn and grow from the that part/chapter of your journey in life.

The drive was beautiful, I’ve lived in the Cape for 4years now and it still has me like 😍 ..though interestingly, one would think after 4years I would know to take a jacket when going to the opposite end of the coast lol. All I had was a little knit top, but we pushed on [since we had come all this way] and it got colder and colder the higher we went.

Note to anyone looking to go to Cape Point – take a jacket!

Otherwise, I was happy it turned out to be a not-so-long walk up to the lighthouse and happy to have made it all the way up.

Something else that’s much like life, sometimes you may doubt whether you’ll make it to your end goal, at some point you may even consider turning back (my nose starting to run had me thinking twice for a moment😷 who wants to catch flu in spring?! Smdh) but once we got to the top, after adjusting to the galeforce winds, it was fun and it was a breeze coming back down.

Life is full of ups, downs and twists and turns and it’s up to you to decide whether you will embrace the journey and revel in it or be miserable in the cold and frustrated with the winds that attempt to blow you off course.

Remember, you create your own happiness.

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