South African fashion & travel blog, Through Shaded Eyes (TSE) is a platform by fashion connoisseur Tokelo Motsepe who aims to use this platform to help promote South Africa and all its beauty.

From the vast gorgeousness of the country, which she aims to explore even more – one place at a time – from the appealing clothing and accessory brands made by dedicated artisans, with the alluring cultures that make up their essence to the scenery, sights and welcoming people and hearing their stories, Tokelo hopes to learn and experience all that she can as she goes along.


“My working as a fashion buyer has blessed me with numerous opportunities to travel the world, visiting places in Europe, Asia and the United States. These travels opened my eyes to the lack of exposure for the beauty that lies across the African continent, in its sights, culture and inhabitants and fashion brands as well.

There isn’t enough of what is made in Africa shared out there, on social platforms and in general – besides a lot of african printed ensembles (which you’ll often find aren’t made here and therefore don’t benefit Africans and their economies) and I would like to contribute to changing that.” – Tokelo Motsepe


The amazing craftsmanship, people and diverse cultures are just some of the things I look forward to exploring more of and sharing as I go along.

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  1. Hi, I’m not sure if men are part of your target audience or not. 😊If not, I think there is room to accommodate us somehow, eg by adding more fashionable and/or trending products crossing all gender from your educated views. Otherwise, digital world is indeed the future and u doing good job on it. Keep it up and you will never know who is watching👍🏿👌🏽👊🏾

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi there, well I haven’t really had much content for men cause I thought I’d focus on what I know best, as I wear and have worked with ladies fashion (in buying) more.. but I will look into how I can include you guys in future 🙂 ..and thanks for your feedback, much appreciated.


      • You welcome. Hopefully, next time I see you here in Jhb, eg Sandton MBFW, I will be singing praises more praises on the new section. Lol


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