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Ouro Preto

About an hour outside of Belo Horizonte (Brazil’s third most populatedΒ city), you’ll find a small town called Ouro Preto, neatly nestled in the lush, green countryside. Preserved to near perfection, besides the cars and other obvious signs of modern day technology, driving into this town was like taking a step back in time; with its cobbled streets and old architecture, I instantly fell in love. The name Ouro Preto means Black Gold, which is what brought Portuguese settlers here way back when. Not trying to turn this into a history lesson by regurgitating all that the tour guide said, but this was initially the Minas Garias states capital, and when mining of gold stopped (as it was depleted) and Belo Horizonte became the new capital, they took to preserving the town and its history. Now this yellow precious stone is all that can be found here. Being a very religious town, they have many chapels and cathedrals that are beautifully designed and decorated. Some with the most amazing paintings covering their walls & ceilings and …

Rio de Janeiro | part2

Discovering the inner city of Rio was fun, the old architecture, lots of interesting graffiti art on walls throughout the city, I couldn’t get clear enough pics of some of the ones I liked cause either the cab was moving or it was just too far, and one just had to keep it moving, so you’ll just have to take my word for it lol! I got to see the notorious favelas (Brazilian slums), kind of hard not to cause they standout and are quite a sight, the way the pile up on top of each other; it’s hard for one to tell if there are any roads between the blocks. Mostly seen scaling the mountainside, the favelas are said to have some of the best views in Rio, made me wonder what Johannesburg would be like if we had the Alex township right where Sandton City is. #randomthought Follow @throughshadedeyes to keep up to date with my travels.

Rio de Janeiro

The work that I do has afforded me the opportunity to travel and see different parts of the world. Traveling opens one up to seeing and experiencing how other cultures live and learning things about them and yourself along the way can prove to be quite an enriching experience. This time, I ventured out to the beautiful land of Brazil. I wanted to come here for the World Cup, but almost a year later, I’m here and kind of glad that didn’t work out, but more on that later. First up, is Rio de Janeiro, home to the World famous Carnival and the most beautiful beaches, like Copacabana and don’t get me started on the beautiful people on those beaches, my word, there are some hotties out here *fans self* ..who knew watching volleyball could be so captivating lol! This city kind of has it all, lots of sites to see, plenty of restaurants with yummy food to sample, historical monuments and stuff, clean safe water you can drink from the tap, gorgeous guys (and …