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Restaurant @ Glen Carlou

This restaurant allows you to enjoy the excellent selection of wines perfectly paired with a carefully curated seasonal menu. “Consistency, expertise and a commitment to always deliver beyond expectation is what we strive for with every bottle of Glen Carlou wine – we also aim to do this with every plate of food.” Innovative dishes by Chef Johan, inspired by the seasons can be enjoyed whilst taking in the breathtaking landscape from inside the architecturally designed building or from the shaded terrace deck. He uses the rhythm of the seasons, their panoramic views and selection of award-winning wines to inspire a classic menu with a contemporary twist. Visit to make reservations.

Farm to Table | Eight at Spier

Since discovering that the apples we eat are on average 9 to 12 months old, I got a wake up call to the fact that there are so many ways the food we eat is manipulated and that make me more conscious of what I eat and not being so trusting just because the word ‘organic’ is slapped on the packaging; so when I got the chance to finally sit down at Eight, I was quite excited. Whats in a name – The restaurant is a farm-to-table eating experience – an expression of balance, harmony and infinity, all in it’s abundance. All this is encapsulated in the establishments name (8), which turned on its side becomes the infinity symbol. The produce used at Eight is either grown on the farm or sourced from those nearby, with greens and fresh veggies come from Farmer John’s food garden where they are grown without the use chemical fertilisers, pesticides or artificial chemicals. Our fillet, sirloin and sausages come from grass-fed cattle reared on Spier’s pastures, along with delicious eggs laid …